The new Bellabeat fashion accessory successfully manages stress

“It is very important for us to hire employees who will continuously work on themselves, best fit into the team and grow together with the company. As a company that employs 65% of women, our goal is to start the trend of involving as many women as possible in the work of technology companies. The company nurtures and respects the family obligations of employees, believing that a satisfied employee is only one who has the opportunity to get accomplished both in business and in private and family life”, said Sršen. This view of success is fully supported by HAMAG-BICRO.


The best drone control glasses in the world are produced in Osijek

Orqa glasses are currently primarily used for racing and entertainment, but Jelušić and his team see its application also in medicine, protection and rescue, and autonomous driving of vehicles and aircraft in the future. There is room for improvement, but without a doubt this young Osijek startup can already be considered successful.


Croatia on the map of the future’s automotive industry

Known as a workaholic, Rimac considers a stimulating work environment crucial to his success with a clear vision of creating conditions for happy employees who make great products. “All this results in satisfied customers and clients and, ultimately, satisfied investors. One of the objectives during the growth of the company was to create top jobs in Croatia, and intensive growth continues. The greatest recognition for success comes through results, but in addition, every entrepreneur is glad to see that the company was named the best employer based on the votes of employees for several consecutive years. We believe that we have achieved a lot in a relatively short time, but we are still just at the beginning of our journey, that is, we still have a long way to go to what we would consider a success”, modestly concludes Mate Rimac


Internet transactions are becoming easier with the Croatian BlinkCard

They started their business journey as a young startup company six years ago with a team of 7 people, and today about 90 experts and programmers circulate through their office. “We no longer see ourselves as a typical startup, but we certainly have and want to keep the startup mentality, whereby I mean great enthusiasm, courage and trying out new ideas. We have managed to maintain these values, but at the same time support the modes and values that mature companies have - clarity, strategic approach, role scaling, efficiency and the acquisition of new knowledge. Our greatest success is still to see the results of something we have done that is relevant and innovative globally; when customers are amazed and impressed and competitors wonder how we managed it. If we can continue to work consistently over the years, good results and entrepreneurial success are guaranteed”, concludes Sabol


Croatian interactive toy in American school desks

That applying to this call was the right step is confirmed by Trošelj himself, who believes that entrepreneurs primarily lack capital for primary steps with the exchange of knowledge and experience: “A successful entrepreneur is the one who manages to find a profitable business model that will bring value to its customers. I think we have achieved success, but we still have a lot of room for improvement. Stubborn persistence, rising after a fall and learning from mistakes are necessary for success.

Perhaps it is precisely because of this persistence that STEMI never rests: as part of preparations for global expansion, they launched a new version of their robot late last year and the company's engineers often run educational workshops for children and anyone interested in STEM areas.

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