INDIA-CROATIA Startup Bridge

India-Croatia Bridge

The Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investment (HAMAG-BICRO) and Startup India, with the support of the Indian Embassy in Zagreb with the aim of strengthening international cooperation and innovation environment, India and Croatia launched India-Croatia Startup Bridge, an initiative that enables startups , investors, incubators, corporations and entrepreneurs of both countries stronger connectivity, business expansion and positioning in the global market.


This digital platform forms a kind of bridge between entrepreneurs who are provided with the technological infrastructure to manage joint projects. It is the basis for all future bilateral programs aimed at improving the startup ecosystem between India and Croatia.

The main goals of the India-Croatia Startup Bridge platform:

· Knowledge Exchange: Comprehensive guides and toolkits that will assist startups in both countries to evaluate expansion opportunities and technology transfers

· Networking Opportunities: Enable connectivity among startups, mentors, investors, and incubators in relevant sectors from both countries

· Hosting Joint programs: From Investor roundtables to startup exchanges and more, the portal will be a one-stop-shop to host all ecosystem programs

· Capacity building platform: Access and application to events, competitions and workshops in both countries followed by partnerships with co-working spaces

More detail information on India-Croatia Startup Bridge platform:


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