Open Data for European Open iNnovation


The central objective of the EU 2020 Strategy is to set the European economy on a high and sustainable path of growth. To this end, Europe must strengthen its innovative potential and use its resources in the best possible way. One of these resources are public data - all information from public bodies produces, collected or purchased in the EU.

Such information is e.g. geographical information, statistics, weather data, data from publicly funded research projects, etc. This information has significant - currently unused – potential for re-use in new products and services, while the overall economic benefits of using this resource in the EU could be up to EUR 40 billion a year. Opening public data will also encourage citizens to participate in political and social life and contribute to political issues such as the environment.

The ODEON project exploits Open Data to strengthen the relationship between digital scheduling, e-government strategy, multi-level open data platforms and the availability of Open Data to support the innovation process within the Interreg Mediterranean area.

What are Open Data?

According to the European Data Portal, Open Data are the data that anyone can access, use and share. Governments, companies and individuals can use Open Data for social, economic and environmental purposes. Open Data become useful when it is available in a common, machine-readable format.

Open Data must be licenced. The licence must allow the use of the data in any way, including converting, combining and sharing the data with others, even commercially.

Why do we need Open Data?

Open Data can bring various benefits to governments, companies and individuals. They can help improve services, grow the economy and protect our plant.

Main project objectives

The main objective of the ODEON project is to establish and test a model and instrument related to this model to set-up an innovative data cluster consisting of SMEs, start-ups and research institutes. The objective of the cluster is to develop the entrepreneurial, market and social value of Open Data.

Established clusters will support local sustainable service providers (Data HUBs) able to trigger public institutions in publishing quality Open Data. This will help SMEs and start-ups. In return, developed products and services will develop beyond regional borders and have an impact on the data economy, which will then shape the sustainable growth of the Mediterranean area. The pilot activities of the ODEON project will also affect the broaden data exploitation policy.

Through its activities, ODEON will encourage local, regional and national authorities to implement better e-government legislation. It will also cover the existing clusters and SME-s in the field of Open Data in digital technologies with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurship. ODEON’s objective is not only to increase the economic value of the Mediterranean, but also social innovation.

Main project results

The project partners are committed to achieving the following objectives:
• Support public policy actors and their e-government legislation
• Increase the availability of free and quality Open Data for all quadruple helix actors (education, research, development and innovation)
• Assist SMEs in promoting new products new products and services in the field of Open Data
• Establish local Data Economy support centres (Data HUBs)

Project partners

1) Veneto Region, ITA
2) Chamber of Economy Montenegro, MNE
3) Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO), CRO
4) Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd, SLO
5) Greek Free Open Source Software Society, GR
6) Government of Aragon, ESP
7) Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories, FRA
8) Padua Chamber of Commerce Industry Crafts Agriculture, ITA

Project value

Overall value: EUR 2,013,842.76, of which EUR 165,551.56 is available to HAMAG-BICRO
The amount financed from the European Regional Development Fund (EFRR): EUR 1,856,204.81
The amount financed from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA): EUR 157,637.95

Project duration: 30 months (02/2018 – 07/2020)
Main project site: https://odeon.interreg-med.eu/