About Accelerator

HAMAG-BICRO has defined the Acceleration Program, which consists of a series of activities such as initial assessment, business consulting, mentoring, investors brokerage etc., lasts two years and the cost of which totals from HRK 30,000.00 to 210,000.00 per company. Through this Public Call, HAMAG-BICRO will conclude an Agreement with a maximum of 12 applicants, taking care that the Program covers four Croatian macro-regions - Eastern and Central Croatia, the City of Zagreb, and the Northern and Southern Adriatic.

The implementer can be entrusted with the implementation of the Program for 10 to 120 companies.

Subject matter of the Public Call

With this Public Call, which is part of the implementation of measure C1.1.2. R2-I4, successful applicants will be selected with which HAMAG-BICRO will conclude an Agreement on the Implementation of the Acceleration Program (hereinafter: the Agreement).

Purpose (objective) of the Public Call

The established implementation of a high-quality Acceleration Program (hereinafter: the Program), which will enable faster and better growth for at least 120 newly founded companies that develop innovative solutions. The program will be implemented in several cycles during a maximum period of three years. Access to the capital, goods and services markets will be facilitated for the supported newly founded companies with the aim of increasing their readiness for investments as well as the three-year survival rate.