RAZUM – Knowledge-Based Companies Development

Program duration
2005 - present

Program description

The purpose of the RAZUM program is to provide initial financing for start-ups, i.e. to provide initial financing for the development of a new product or service in existing small and medium-sized companies. Innovative technological projects are financed with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of domestic companies and products and creating other conditions necessary for the successful transfer of knowledge. The development of knowledge-based small and medium-sized enterprises is supported, and existing beneficiaries are provided with a simpler path to the commercialization of the results of innovation development, and efforts are made to ensure a sustainable increase in the number of competitors of future EU Structural Funds beneficiaries.

Program objectives are:

  • enable the start-up and development of knowledge-based, technology-oriented companies and the development of academic entrepreneurship,
  • technological modernization of the company and improvement of the production, market and management capabilities of the company,
    development of competitive advantage on an international scale, relying on internal growth/development,
  • encouraging mutual cooperation of experts from the entrepreneurial and research and development spheres,
  • raising the general technological level of the economy, i.e. improving the existing level of technique and technology and encouraging the creation of new production programs / industrial branches,
  • gradual building of export-oriented knowledge-based sectors of established micro, small and medium enterprises,
  • development of a competitive advantage on an international scale, relying on internal growth/development, i.e. on external growth and development (by networking companies) and
  • growth of the knowledge-based economy.
Program Total contracted projects Contracted funds HAMAG-BICRO (HRK)
RAZUM 2005 - 2013 24 117,423,760
RAZUM 2015 7 24,662,693.00

Pre-commercial projects 2015

  Beneficiary Project title Contracted amount (HRK) Technology field County
1 Morska vidra d.o.o. Development of a commercial prototype of a multifunctional nautical device



Mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and aviation Zagreb
2 Astra International-inžinjering d.o.o. Portable plant for disposal of waste sludge - MID MIXP 6,403,590 Energy, environment and materials City of Zagreb
3 SMART-SENSE d.o.o. Complete system for managing smart homes (2nd Development Phase) 4,794,633 ICT City of Zagreb
4 TEMA d.o.o. Electric motor in permanent magnet technology designed to drive an azimuthal low-profile semi-submersible marine thruster 705,000 Mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and aviation Istria
5 Dental BioScience d.o.o. Development and pre-commercialization of BDF - synthetic biodegradable material for bone regeneration in humans 2,117,587 Energy, environment and materials City of Zagreb
6 CS-Computer Systems d.o.o. Chronocaster – Delinearization of a live video channel with a focus on marketing 4,597,464 ICT City of Zagreb
7 INTIS d.o.o. Televend Wallet - payment via smartphone at self-service machines 4,946,660 ICT City of Zagreb
  Total contracted (HRK) 24,662,693