International cooperation

Through international cooperation, HAMAG-BICRO has continuously connected domestic and foreign partners in international projects, cooperated with bodies responsible for the implementation of EU structural funds, programed new schemes within future operational programs and implemented Smart Factory Hub, PPI2Innovate and Kiss Me projects.

Recognizing the importance of international promotion, significant efforts are being made to the transfer of experience and knowledge of HAMAG-BICRO on the implementation of national technology programs with the aim of forming an international network of transfer of good practices in the process of innovation system management. The result is the cooperation with government agencies of a similar profile and the establishment of a network of regional innovation agencies whose purpose is to improve the system and provide additional sources of funding.

HAMAG-BICRO has been a full member of the international association of innovation agencies called TAFTIE since 2013. This membership enables the exchange of experience, but also the process of measuring and comparing with other European innovation agencies that are members of TAFTIE, in the field of innovation.