Mission, vision, objectives, values


Through a detailed analysis of the state of economic sectors and listening of the needs of entrepreneurs, we strive to maintain business flexibility by adapting our programs to market requirements, in order to optimize business results.

With quality guarantee programs, a system of non-refundable state aid (grants), formation of a network of competent business advisors, subsiding research and consulting in the field of environmental protection and energy conservation and promoting and attracting investment in entrepreneurship, we want to encourage balanced development of regions in Croatia and contribute to faster growth of SMEs, as well as the entire national economy.


Through transparency in business and open approach to entrepreneurs, we strive to create a socially responsible and inspiring entrepreneurial climate.


To create a stimulating environment in which SMEs will be able to implement quality investment projects, which will result in an increase in employment rates, competitiveness in export and development of the entire economy.


  • Professionalism and focus on results
  • Positive approach and teamwork
  • Proactivity in work

Contact us with confidence in our expertise and professionalism. We believe that a positive attitude builds quality and long-term relationships that are the foundation of cooperation and teamwork, both within the organization and with all partner institutions. We are results-oriented in our work and proactively look for opportunities to ensure the high level of efficiency and excellence that our customers expect from us.