Proof of Concept Program

Program duration
May 2010 – present

POC program description and purpose

The PoC program supports innovations at the earliest stage of research to provide pre-commercial capital for the technical and commercial validation of an innovative concept.
Proof of an innovative concept is required to provide evidence that a new process or technology is feasible and can potentially have commercial applications. This is exactly why every PoC project must have a technological risk. Through the implementation of the PoC project, an answer is obtained as to whether the idea/proposed solution can be created and whether it will function as such.
For companies seeking investors, successful validation of an innovative concept gives potential investors confidence that the prototype or further development process is technically feasible, thereby helping the company attract customers and investors. This component enables comprehensive commercial and technical verification and validation of research results with commercial potential in order to reduce technical and commercial risks, identify the most appropriate strategy for commercialization and protect inventions.

Eligible activities for funding

• verification and protection of intellectual property
• creation of a functional prototype
• demonstration of technical feasibility
• additional activities (market analysis or profitability study preparation, preparation of concepts and strategies for product development or commercialization (study or plan for commercialization)

Previous experiences and results

From 2010 to 2020, 8 calls of the Program were implemented. A total of 359 projects were financed with HRK 102 million in grants, with a total project value of HRK 154 million. Project applicants came from the private and public sectors. Prototyping and technology demonstration activities (TRL3-4) in a laboratory environment were financed through the Program.

Based on the assessment of the first five calls (2010 - 2015), it can be concluded that:

PoC contributes to the development of research, development and innovation activities:

• 60% of all projects have started further development activities
• 34% of all projects have started commercialization activities
• 20% of all projects launched an innovation on the market

- PoC contributes to capacity building of research, development and innovation:
• 96 new employees in research and development activities during and after the implementation of the project
• 26% average annual growth rate of turnover from innovative products 3 years after the end of the project
• increase in the share of research and development costs (R&D) as a percentage of total revenues from 9.3% to 12.5%

Recognized centres

HAMAG-BICRO has implemented the PoC program through cooperation with business support organizations (“recognized centres”), whose role is to provide support to competitors through the application process and project implementation. This model has shown promising results, as it greatly contributes to the successful cooperation of HAMAG-BICRO with potential beneficiaries in the field, providing support to beneficiaries on their way of technological development and preparation for commercialization for the market (list of recognized centres)