Loan Guarantees in the tourism and sport sectors

Conditions defined by the program:

(financial instrument)
State aid program for the tourism and sport sector in the current COVID-19 pandemic
Target group Micro, small and medium-sized economic operators in the tourism and sport sectors
Maximum guarantee amount section 3.1 - up to EUR 1,800,000 section 3.2. - more than EUR 1,800,000
Guarantee rate 100% 90%
Interest rate interest rate must be at least 0.5 percentage points lower than the interest rate that the Beneficiary would have had if the loan had not been secured by a guarantee issued under this Program
Loan purpose Working capital
Minimum guarantee duration 1 year
Maximum guarantee duration section 3.1 – 5 years section 3.2 – 6 years
Guarantee coverage Loan principal
Application processing fee 0,25% for year 1: 0.25%, from year 2-3: 0.5% and from year 5-6: 1%
Program implementation deadline 31.12.2021.