Small Loan for Rural Development

IMPORTANT: Notice for entrepreneurs

You can download the full text of the program here .

Feature/product (financial instrument)Small Loan for Rural Development
Target groupMicro, small and medium-sized economic operators, and according to the conditions prescribed by the measures of the Rural Development Program of the Republic of Croatia for the period 2014-2020, eligible for financing from this instrument
AmountFrom EUR 25,000.01 to EUR 50,000
Interest rate*0.1% and 0.25%, depending on the development of the local government unit (LGU) investment
Grace periodUp to 12 months if the repayment period is a minimum of 2 years
Repayment periodUp to 10 years, including the grace period
CollateralsPromissory notes, other collaterals according to the risk assessment
Aid- De minimis, public aid
Intended use- fixed assets
- working capital up to max 30% of the loan amount

* Decision on the classification of local and regional self-government units according to the level of development