ESIF Limited Portfolio Guarantee

ESIF Limited Portfolio Guarantee is a financial instrument intended for economic operators and is largely financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

This financial instrument facilitates access to finance to micro, small and medium-sized economic operators and encourages lending activity of financial institutions (banks and leasing companies) by financial institutions granting loans/leases to clients, and HAMAG-BICRO guarantees for a part of the principal and contractual interest, based on the signed Cooperation Agreement.

Collection of documentation, analysis and adoption of the Financing Decision will be done exclusively by the financial institution without the additional analysis of HAMAG-BICRO. If the request meets the prescribed conditions, the financial institution will include the said loan/lease in the portfolio guaranteed by HAMAG-BICRO.

The financial instrument will enable greater availability of loans and leasing, lower interest rates, reduced required collaterals, which will affect employment growth, increase private investment and increase the number of economic operators receiving support.

It is acceptable to finance investments and working capital by credit/lease if certain criteria (specified in the Terms and Conditions for the financial instrument implementation) are met.

Submission of client applications and use of the said financial instrument is possible until the funds are fully used, and no later than by 31.12.2023.


Measure feature

ESIF Limited Portfolio Guarantees

Minimum guarantee amount

Not specified

Maximum guarantee amount

EUR 150,000.00

Maximum guarantee rate


Minimum guarantee duration

1 year

Maximum guarantee duration

10 years

Share of working capital investment loans

maximum 30% of the loan amount

Guarantee coverage

Loan principal + contracted interest


De minimis aid