COVID-19 Loan

Instrument feature/
Program title
COVID-19 Working Capital Loan
Target group

Micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs

Amount Up to HRK 750,000.00
Interest rate 0,25%
Period of use 6 months
Grace period Up to 12 months if the repayment period is a minimum of 2 years
Repayment period Up to 5 years, including the grace period
Collaterals Loan beneficiary’s promissory note
Aid De minimis/state aid in compliance with the Temporary Framework
Intended use Working capital - 100% of the loan amount


Financial instrument is not intended for:


  • Sectors excluded by Article 1 of the Regulation on de minimis aid: fisheries and aquaculture and primary agricultural production;
  • Tobacco and distilled alcoholic beverages;
  • Manufacture of weapons and ammunition and their trade;
  • Casinos and similar companies;
  • Other activities and activities excluded by the terms and conditions of the Program.