We would like to inform all entrepreneurs, in accordance with item 3 of the ESIF Micro and Small Loans Program adopted by the Government of the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette 62/16 and 33/20), that due to the full use of funds, new applications for ESIF Micro Working Capital Loan have been temporarily suspended. We will notify you in a timely manner upon the new activation.
Entrepreneurs have at their disposal the remaining four measures financed from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF):

  • ESIF Micro and Small Investment Loan at reduced interest rates of 0.1%-0.5%;
  • moratorium on all previously approved ESIF loans as well as loans for Agriculture and Rural Development;
  • ESIF individual guarantees with an increased maximum guarantee rate for working capital loans from the existing 65% to 80% of the loan principal with the Agency’s consent towards financial institutions to defer repayment and the loan’s period of use for which the guarantee was issued.

The new financial instrument available to economic operators in the agricultural, processing and forestry sectors is also the following

  • Micro Working Capital Loan for Rural Development with the loan amount up to EUR 25,000 and interest of 0.5%.

Entrepreneurs also have at their disposal the financial instruments Micro and Small Investment Loan for Agriculture and Rural Development, ESIF Portfolio Guarantees, Individual Guarantees for Agriculture and Rural Development and the National Program Plus.
Due to the coronavirus epidemic, HAMAG-BICRO was among the first to activate the implementation of measures within the aid package to the Croatian economy, and in just one month it received three times more requests than during the entire previous year. Although currently the greatest emphasis is on mitigating measures that the coronavirus epidemic has on the economy, entrepreneurs currently have four open grant tenders available within the current programming period (2014-2020).
Check open tenders as well as measures to help entrepreneurs due to the coronavirus epidemic on the agency’s official website www.hamagbicro.hr and www.strukturnifondovi.hr.